Confluence Cafe opens summer 2021

The Confluence Cafe, located at 841 Oden Street in Confluence PA, opened June 2021 to serve the community of Confluence and its visitors with self proclaimed world-class pizza, sandwiches and other fresh cuisine.

The Cafe is the first establishment you’ll see as you come into town on Rt 523. You can also access the Cafe from the GAP trail at the high bridge making it an easy ride or stroll from the Tree and Riverhouse.

Taking advantage of frontage on the Casselman River, the cafe provides customers with a free loaner“picnic kit,” allowing them to spread out on the levee and enjoy their meal in nature.

In addition to in-person ordering, Confluence Cafe customers can efficiently order online or by phone.Take-out is offered (including curbside), as well as dining indoors and on the covered front porch and open side patio.

Please check their web site for hours.