Looking for something to do outdoors but having a hard time motivating the kids? Want to venture off the beaten path but don’t know where to go? Geocaching is a fun way to explore the area. It’s perfect for kids–and grown ups alike.

What is geocaching? In short, it’s a real life treasure hunt. You need an app and a sense of adventure. Caches range from easy to difficult to get to and find, from big to tiny. Go to and check it out.

Download the app to your phone. The free app is OK, but for $5.99 a month (you can sign up for 1 month) or $29.99 for a year you can see all of the best caches. Just pick a couple of caches and follow the coordinates and clues (if you want).

Grab some small toys or trinkets from under your car seat or run to the Dollar General and grab some. (We like to leave extras in a cache that hasn’t been restocked recently). *our kids say that dollar bills, matchbox cars and pocket knifes are highly recommended.

When/if you find a cache, you can take a trinket and leave one. Don’t forget to sign the log book and cover it back up like you found it.

Don’t get frustrated if you feel like you are turning in circles when you are close. You can always check the hints. Be patient and you’ll find it.

One of my favorite things about geocaching is that you’ll discover all kinds of unknown spots in the area…like bare rock overlooks and old cemeteries full of interesting history.

Here’s a helpful article about geocaching.

The Confluence zip code is 15424.
Here are some of our favorite caches: